SimSprite Class Reference

#include <micropolis.h>

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Public Attributes

 Pointer to next SimSprite object in the list.
char * name
 Name of the sprite.
int type
 Type of the sprite (TRA -- BUS).
int frame
 Frame (0 means non-active sprite).
int x
 X coordinate of the sprite in pixels?
int y
 Y coordinate of the sprite in pixels?
int width
int height
int xOffset
int yOffset
int xHot
 Offset of the hot-spot relative to SimSprite::x?
int yHot
 Offset of the hot-spot relative to SimSprite::y?
int origX
int origY
int destX
 Destination X coordinate of the sprite.
int destY
 Destination Y coordinate of the sprite.
int count
int soundCount
int dir
int newDir
int step
int flag
int control
int turn
int accel
int speed

Detailed Description

Sprite in the simulator.
SimSprite::name is never set to anything else than "", and only used to detect a non-removed non-active sprite (in a non-robust way).

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