ToolEffects Member List

This is the complete list of members for ToolEffects, including all inherited members.

addCost(int amount)ToolEffects [inline]
addFrontendMessage(FrontendMessage *msg)ToolEffects [inline]
costToolEffects [private]
frontendMessagesToolEffects [private]
getCost() const ToolEffects [inline]
getMapTile(const Position &pos) const ToolEffects [inline]
getMapTile(int x, int y) const ToolEffects [inline]
getMapValue(const Position &pos) const ToolEffects
getMapValue(int x, int y) const ToolEffects [inline]
modificationsToolEffects [private]
setMapValue(const Position &pos, MapValue mapVal)ToolEffects
setMapValue(int x, int y, MapValue mapVal)ToolEffects [inline]
simToolEffects [private]
ToolEffects(Micropolis *sim)ToolEffects
~ToolEffects() (defined in ToolEffects)ToolEffects

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